Logic and complexity

Free-cut elimination in linear logic and an appli-
cation to a feasible arithmetic
With Patrick Baillot.

CSL '16

From positive and intuitionistic bounded arithmetic to monotone proof complexity

LICS '16

Note, 12/15

On the pigeonhole and related principles in deep inference and monotone systems


Extended version of CSL-LICS '14

Note, 06/12

The complexity of propositional proofs in deep inference

PhD thesis, defended 10/13

Complexity of deep inference via atomic flows

CiE '12

Logical Methods in Computer Science

Characterising aspects of proof compression

Note, 03/12

On the proof complexity of cut-free bounded deep inference

Tableaux '11

Rewriting in Boolean algebra

No complete linear term rewriting system for propositional logic
With Lutz Straßburger.

Preprint, 06/16

RTA '15

Rewriting with linear inferences in propositional logic

RTA '13

Note, 09/12

Proof theory

A cut-free cyclic proof system for Kleene algebra
With Damien Pous.

Submitted '17

From focussed proof systems to complexity bounds

Preprint '16

A complete axiomatization of MSO on infinite trees
With Colin Riba.

LICS '15

On nested sequents for constructive modal logics
With Ryuta Arisaka & Lutz Straßburger.

Logical Methods in Computer Science